Why you need us

You are about to make one of the most important decision in your life by choosing a study programme that will have the greatest impact on the shape of your future career. You are also making a decision on an investment in time and money that needs to be carefully planned and well chosen to maximise benefit and ensure success. Our advice and support become extremely valuable in helping you make the right decision and protecting you from disappointment and potential failure. With over 25 years experience in British Education, you can have the piece of mind and assurance that your choice is right.

How we can help

College Placement

Bespoke Courses


What we do

We assist students to secure admission to language courses, our service offers students outstanding consultation, pre-registration and post registration services. Our aim is to fully meet the expectations of our students and their parents. Our services are comprehensive, accurate, efficient and free of charge. We can arrange for your airport greeting service through to the school you choose to study at. We will ensure that the school arranges your host family accommodation or student residence prior to your arrival. We will help you to design your study plan and help you to choose the most suitable institution and location that matches your requirements. If required, we can arrange for progress and attendance reports to be sent to your parents or sponsor.

We are affiliated with schools that are British Council accredited. We are also affiliated with a number of prestigious UK universities for Foundation and Pre-Master Courses. We will provide you with the relevant university admission procedures for a Foundation or Pre-master course, and Master courses at selected universities. Educom is dedicated to help you find the right University, College or School for you to continue your studies in the UK. We will endeavour to make the process simple and successful. Educom education consultants will look at your education profile and help you find the best UK institution that suits your background and academic achievements. We may suggest more than one institution and help you apply to them. When offers arrive, we will advise you on choosing the best one. If there are conditions attached to your offer, for example conditions to obtain certain level of English qualifications, we will help you plan and provide you support in achieving these conditions. Educom will also give you expert assistance to prepare the documents required for obtaining your UK student visa.


Selecting suitable courses and appropriate university/college/school to best meet the student needs depending on such factors as qualifications, finance and care aspirations.

Making Applications

With years of expertise resulting from getting our students into the most selective universities in the UK, we can help prepare you for the fierce competition that lies ahead and give you an edge over other applicants. The key is to start early and plan ahead, but regardless of where students are in the process, we offer a variety of programmes to help them.

Arranging Scholarships

Financial support comes from funding provided by generous partners, both past and present, but also – and to a major extent – from the high priority given to deserving students.

Receiving Offer Letters

Our turnaround time for applications is very quick because our Head office is in the UK and is in direct contact with our partner universities.

Making Visa Applications

Understanding how your visa works and what to do when your circumstances change will help make sure your time in the UK goes smoothly. Educom will take you through it, one step at a time, making sure you have the best results.

Travel Plans

Briefing students with pre-departure information which will fully prepare our students before travelling to the UK or other countries.

Post Arrival Services

Post Arrival services in the UK, As we are a British Company based in the UK, our friendly staff will be available in the UK for any further advice or assistance that is required while studying in the UK.

Counselling and Support for Employment

Services including CV, job search, job application, presentation and job interview preparation.